(Pronounced purity)

sOngwriting vocalist, band, certified sound healer, karaoke junkie & music producer


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Feedback & REVIEWS


White Excellent Review 5 stars in the cloud

Pyurēti's sultry vocal tonality drippz over each track with a sensually emotional sauce. Each song takes you on a ride that you can feel with raw intensity from the moment the first track plays. Her flow is fiya! Her artistry takes your heart through an emotional rollercoaster effortlessly.


White Excellent Review 5 stars in the cloud

Sublime & Classic! Pyurēti's lyrics are raw and beyond mesmerizing. The musician's musician, for real. Thank you so much for sharing your words and banging sound. I'm desperately waiting to see what you come up with next!


White Excellent Review 5 stars in the cloud

Pyurēti definitely lives up to her name. Not only does she have a pure heart her voice is like water. It just flows. She can adapt her voice to any type of beat or song and make it her own. I'm glad I had the opportunity to work with her and get to know her as a person.

Scot Smith

White Excellent Review 5 stars in the cloud

Some talent can't be hidden, it simply HAS to be SHARED, or in your case, LAUNCHED! I truly am digging your vibe and your message. Keep blessing us with that wonderful gift that God blessed you with; it speaks LOVE.

Nikola Mo'nique

White Excellent Review 5 stars in the cloud

Pyurēti... The name fits you perfectly. With angelic tones, rifts & lyrics, that leave me with much thought provoking emotions & totally blow me away. You're a breath of fresh air, compared to all the stank, I've been hearing lately. If I can put it like that. Your vibes are absolutely amazing & relaxing. The music industry needs this type of artist right now, it's been way too long since we've heard an artist like you. We need to listen & not just hear.


White Excellent Review 5 stars in the cloud

Pyurēti has a gift. Her voice is so versatile and her style is pure and unique.


White Excellent Review 5 stars in the cloud

The music is amazing !!! It’s fun ... it’s heartfelt... it’s entertaining... I can’t wait to hear more... One of my new favorite artists.

performances events & Shows

October 14 (private)

Prince Party

Irvine, CA

November 25 (private)


Apple Valley, CA

October 27 8PM PST

Thriller Game Night

Legacy Lounge

Los Angeles, CA

November 29 (private)

Kiwanis Service Club

Simi Valley, CA

December 3 (private)

Gold Shimmer

Boomtown Brewery

Los Angeles, CA

November 5 (private)

Salmon/Newell Wedding

Los Angeles, CA

November 10 @ 7PM PST

Gold Shimmer

The Peppermint Club

Los Angeles, CA

Coming Soon!

Legacy Lounge Karaoke

Los Angeles, CA

More Dates Coming Soon

Check for Updates

info@pyureti.com for booking

Coming Soon!

Karaoke at Projector Space LA

Burbank, CA

November 11 (private)

79 Revolutions

Lakewood, CA

Saturdays TBA

Park Jamz

Los Angeles, CA

Live from Market Street

Live Stream - TBA

Los Angeles, CA

November 18 (private)

Marsh’s Bar & Grill

Ladera Heights, CA

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